An Interview With Goddess Severa.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I am the incomparable Amazon, Goddess Severa, (pronounced Sev-AIR-uh). My perfect, lean yet curvy and muscled proportions inspire awe in those lucky enough to behold Me in person. My combination of intelligence, beauty, height, athleticism and innate kindness creates an indelible experience. I stand OVER SEVEN FEET TALL in heels and boots and am dangerously unforgiving to those who fail to pronounce My name correctly. I'm an ex-professional athlete and model with extensive training in boxing as well as a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I am now a dominatrix and wrestler.

My style of domination combines seduction with manipulation, kindness with cruelty. I’m adept at eliciting the submissiveness of even the most resistant. Whatever your scenario, I am deviously talented at bringing it to life. I can be haughty and contemptuous or sweetly sinister…I like it all.

Below is an interview with The Goddess and answers to frequently asked questions. Questions relating to meetings are answered in the "Meetings" section.

  • 1. When did you first discover your affinity for domination?

  • 2. Was it just a phase or did it continue?

  • 3. Did you get to live out any of your fantasies aside from tricking the neighborhood kids into spankings?

  • 4. Did your teachers reprimand you for picking on Charlie?

  • 5. Did you go to college?

  • 6. Tell me about your name.

  • 7. Why do you capitalize "M"?

  • 8. I noticed you were a professional athlete - in which sport?

  • 9. How tall are you and what are your measurements and ethnic background?

  • 10. What's the favorite part of your body?

  • 11. What's it like to be so tall?

  • 12. Have you always been interested in sports?

  • 13. Do you do competitive wrestling in meeting?

  • 14. Do you enjoy wrestling in meetings?

  • 15. When did you begin actively playing in the scene?

  • 16. How did you come to live in New York City for ten years?

  • 17. How did you become involved in the BDSM scene there?

  • 18. What are some of the other lessons that Ava Taurel taught you?

  • 19. Where do you live and work now?

  • 20. How will new people know if their interests are compatible with yours?

  • 21. Any advice for people who're meeting you for the first time?

  • 22. What are some of your rules and things you don't do?

  • 23. Do your subjects have to be submissives? What if they're just "normal" guys who aren't into any of that "whips and chains" stuff and simply like tall, strong women?

  • 24. Why would you want to hurt people?

  • 25. Why would a nice, smart girl like you do something like this?

  • 26. What would you do if you were independently wealthy?

  • 27. Do you look down on Your submissives or people who come to see you?

  • 28. What are some of your favorite meetings?

  • 29. What sort of fetish attire do you own?

  • 30. Are any of your clothes or personal items available for purchase?

  • 31. How would you describe your style?

  • 32. Do you ever become friends with Your playmates?

  • 33. Do you ever travel to meet fans?

  • 34. Should I bring you a gift when we meet?

  • 35. Can I send you gifts or fan letters in the mail even if I cannot see you in person?

  • 36. May I join your site even if I do not have a credit card?

  • 37. Your pictures are tremendous. Who is your photographer?

  • 38. Are you looking for new models to be in your shoots?

  • 39. Do you have any favorite quotes?

  • 40. What sort of person do You consider the ideal candidate to play with You?


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