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  • 0 It's Summer

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 10-08-2020
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    Hello all,     Summer has bursting on. It is hot and I hear the traffic out with people going about their business. I however, have been in quarantine since March. It's okay. It's been a nice time out for Me from My usual rushing around. I'm sleeping a lot. I'm putting on some weight- muscle weight I hope. I regularly post My routines on My twitter page and people seem to be interested and keep Me from descending into total sluggishness.     Speaking of twitter, I've had an uptick in follows lately - which is mystifying to Me as I've been posting fairly regularly for 10 years. However, My cannibalesque shoot from 2011 is getting a lot of likes. Where have you been My darlings. See it all inside My members sections.       Hope you're all well. Please wear a mask so this virus can be defeated and I can come out of quarantine!      :) GSevera

  • 0 And the time rolls on

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 15-07-2020
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       Writing from confinement… 4 ½  months in now? It’s becoming of a blur. I am continuing to work on the into the new website. These things take time but we’re on the home stretch now. I’ve decided to redo My interview and I also plan on shooting a new introductory video. If there are any new questions you’d like Me to address- please let Me know and I’ll see if I can include them!     In the meantime, all is (somewhat) well in SoCal (except for hugely increasing rates of Covid). All My travel plans have been canceled so I’m staying put in LA and SD and working on various projects including staying fit. Normally I’d be in NYC doing a photo shoot- here’s a shot from a prior shoot on top of a penthouse in Chelsea! I’m missing the travel and it’s a bit of a challenge to not have the socialization time at the gym. However, in general, I’m banging out pretty decent home workouts and have really been enjoying the restorative effects of sleeping!     Hope you’re all doing well. Check in with Me now and then!     Warmly,          GSevera

  • 1 Quick pic at a custom vid

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 23-06-2020
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    Hello all,       Did you know that I also do custom vids? Here's a shot I did from a custom POV shoot right now. If I think it makes the cut, I'll also make it available on My clips4sale store. This one has to do with a certain detective who gets caught by Me and ends up in My lair awaiting a James Bond-ish type know something to do with a lot of leg scissors. A happy way to go I'd think!     ;) GSevera

  • 1 New Free Section Coming Soon....

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 07-06-2020
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    Hello all,     Hope you're surviving in quarantine unscathed. I know a number of you are out and about now but I'm still limiting My interactions with others and still, (sadly and painfully), have been declining in person meetings.     My webmaster promises that a refreshed, reenergized intro to the website will be coming any day now...but he's been promising that for a couple months. Stay tuned!     In the meantime, stay safe so can meet after a vaccine!

  • 0 New Solo Shots

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 30-05-2020
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    Hello all,     All the gyms that I've been going to in LA and SD have closed (due to Covid), so I've been working out at home. It's not as easy as before, but I'm staying in excellent shape. Have a look at what's coming up this weekend!     :) GS

  • 2 Skyping

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 07-05-2020
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    Hello all,    Well, it has been great being able to touch based with old and new friends via Skye. I find that much of BDSM is in the mental connection and I do feel connected to My playmates despite the distance between us. I recommend giving it a try. :) Severa

  • 1 Bragging rights!

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 23-04-2020
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        Today I thought I'd share a little success story of someone I'm really proud of: slave mike. Mike and I met in Canada for a playdate and we both quickly knew that our temperaments were a good fit.  We hit it off and gradually he became My personal pet and trusted confidante. He is featured in a number of My films and is such a good sport in so many ways. Mike can take bastinado- I've rarely met someone who can take that level of pain for Me -but I’m pleased with him for many reasons. He is My trusted right-hand man who I call My “pitbull”, going after illegal downloads, providing Me with social media tips, looking out for Me online and is in charge of My Instagram fan page! Thank you mikey.      I’m particularly proud of sub mike because of his physical transformation. As you can see from the before and after pics, sub mike has completely changed his physique. Based on My guidance, he has shed pounds of weight for Me (and himself) and has completely changed his eating habits. I rarely take a personal sub on, but when I do, I have a vested interest in their overall well-being including their physical and mental well-being.       Way to go on this amazing accomplishment mikey. You have made Me so very proud!!       xoxox GSevera

  • 1 Care package!

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 17-04-2020
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    I was delighted to receive an unexpected delivery in the mail today while I happened to be talking to the sub who sent it on the phone!  I had slave mike on a video call and "we" opened it together.  Inside were some treats from abroad that he knew would come in handy during this time of quarantine. Thank you so much mikey!!! xoxo GSevera

  • 0 What's new today with GS

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 15-04-2020
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    April 14th 2020     Did My workout today and made it in exactly one hour.  I do supersets of some things- for My triceps I do pushups, behind the head with a medicine ball and dips and it really tires Me out.  It’s not that interesting though but I’ve been posting My work outs and pic’s on Twitter to keep Me motivated and to keep track of any changes in My form. Planks are My Kryptonite. I hate them. I do three sets of two minutes each superset with one minute each side planks.  Even though I dislike/loathe them, I do think they’re the most effective stomach exercise one can do. Also, I can really tell that the side planks are helping My shoulder. Years of doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tore up My joints, and a lingering shoulder issue haunted Me. Now I can tell that it’s really strengthening and stabilizing My shoulder- before I couldn’t do a minute on My left side without shaking and was worried My arm would collapse. Now it’s no big deal. I don’t like it, but it’s tolerable.             And in other news, yesterday I did My first custom photo shoot where I tickled Myself…yup… that’s what I did. I was nude (looking good by the way) and in a full-length fur coat and “tickled” Myself with different implements- I’m actually going to post the images on the members section since they’re cute and sexy and if you like tickling and Me…well, you’re in for a treat. The fellow was so delighted that I’m going to do a POV tickle shoot this week. Once must be creative during these times. J  Xx GS  

  • 0 Love in the time of Covid

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 14-04-2020
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    Hello all,     What interesting times that we're living in - a collective trauma of sorts- that I certainly didn't consider a possibility. I hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and taking all precautions necessary to stay safe.  I'm in week 4 perhaps, (I'm losing track), of quarantine in Los Angeles. The Corona virus pandemic has changed everyone's life in unexpected ways. At this time of year, I would normally be about to begin a tour to the North East area of the United States to see My fans in NYC, DC, Toronto, Boston- and this year I was going to include Chicago. However, Covid came and put the brakes on those plans.  I have canceled all playdates and shoots and continue to turn down new meetings (which I'm loathe to do) in order to abide by current recommendations! My life has changed from its frenetic pace of living in two cities and visiting playmates old and new, doing photo shoots and video shoots - as well as living my fast paced vanilla life, to being very quiet. Like everyone, I'm making adjustments.        After the initial shock and stress, I'm now really enjoying the time out and finding that time is going faster. I know this will soon be a distant memory and am savoring the time to be alone. Having all this quiet time is a chance to recharge and work on various projects including revamping the free section of the website to editing videos and planning more solo galleries.  Sadly I can't train at the martial arts gyms where, in Los Angeles, I've been learning freestyle wrestling and boxing and in San Diego, Krav Maga! What I really enjoy at those academies more than anything, is the chance to socialize (and beat up guys who don't actually want to lose to a woman)!! I recently met some really cool MMA fighters and diverse people. When I was training jiu-jitsu full time, I got a kick out of, on the same day, rolling not only with hard-nosed cops but with those on the shadier side of the law. Jiu-jitsu is the great equalizer!  And, as people are my species, and I love men in particular, the elimination of them from My daily life has been a bit sad. However, I'm connecting with friends around the globe with phone calls and Skype meetings and in some ways, feel like I'm socializing more than ever.       To keep in shape, I've been doing an hour workout five days a week, (maybe one day walk and Sunday off). I set a goal of doing 8 different exercises with either a medicine ball of 15 lbs, 8 lb weights or body weight. Then I do sets of three x 8, 12, 15 or 24. It's not that interesting but the challenge is to bang it out under an hour and to be consistent. I want to exit this strange time looking far more well rested, healthy, happy and in shape more than before Covid. We'll see. I'm updating My twitter feed pretty consistently with My routine and images of My pumped physique. I won't get big during this time, but I can certainly get lean.       While I can't be visiting with you in person, I invite you to do a phone or Skype meeting with Me. Contact Me at directly for details if you're interested. And, now is also a great time to become a member of the site if you aren't one already. I've had My website for more than twenty years, and am among very few to religiously update it every single week.       Also- I'm going to take advantage of this time to blog on here more often. Check in and comment often and keep Me up to date with what's happening with you! I'm also readily available on twitter under the handle @GoddessSevera. My slave is also running an Instagram page for Me. I will never be in direct contact with fans there, but it's a good place to access a plethora of different images- then again- My strong preference is for you to join My site!       I'll sign out now and check in later. Kind regards,        Amazon Goddess Severa  


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