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  • 0 Visitor Section Redo

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 03-11-2020
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        I am so happy that the redo of My website has been successfully completed. It took several months and many sets of eagle eyes to find and catch little errors but finally it’s done. I even did a new little intro video and several photo shoots specifically for the refreshed look of the site. The Interview has been updated as well. If there’s any more information you’d find helpful or other questions you’d like Me to be asked, let Me know!     Warmly, GSevera

  • 0 New feature interview

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 07-10-2020
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     Hello all,     I just did a feature interview with @dommeaddiction and @femdomdaily that I met online on Twitter. Here's the link: Feature Interview – Goddess Severa I love how they put it all together! Enjoy! :)

  • 1 Interview with Me on After Hours Podcast

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 09-09-2020
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     Last week I did a 50 minute interview with the “After Hours” podcast: I really enjoyed meeting these fellows and chatting. As it turns out, after 20 plus years in the scene, I have quite a lot to talk about. (In fact, I could’ve kept being interviewed for a long time). There are many stories I haven’t yet told. What would you like to know if you could ask me something?

  • 0 Working on the booty

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 01-09-2020
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    Hello all,     My time in San Diego is winding down and soon I’ll be back in LA. I have a squat rack here and have been using My time in quarantine to lift weights a bit more often. I never thought it would be possible to do squats but so far, My knees feel good and My legs are slowly acclimating. Leg day is invariably exhausting and I often feel like napping the rest of the day but I think I’m starting- possibly- to see some results in the rounding of My booty. We shall see. In LA I have minimal equipment but will attempt to keep progressing. I benched pressed 145 lbs comfortably the other day and am putting on some weight. For a while, My weight plummeted to low 170’s but I turned it around and today was 191 lbs. I’m trying to turn this into muscle of course. I’ve been posting daily pic’s on twitter if you’re not following Me there already.      Be well, stay safe.  GSevera :) 

  • 0 It's Summer

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 10-08-2020
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    Hello all,     Summer has bursting on. It is hot and I hear the traffic out with people going about their business. I however, have been in quarantine since March. It's okay. It's been a nice time out for Me from My usual rushing around. I'm sleeping a lot. I'm putting on some weight- muscle weight I hope. I regularly post My routines on My twitter page and people seem to be interested and keep Me from descending into total sluggishness.     Speaking of twitter, I've had an uptick in follows lately - which is mystifying to Me as I've been posting fairly regularly for 10 years. However, My cannibalesque shoot from 2011 is getting a lot of likes. Where have you been My darlings. See it all inside My members sections.       Hope you're all well. Please wear a mask so this virus can be defeated and I can come out of quarantine!      :) GSevera

  • 0 And the time rolls on

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 15-07-2020
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       Writing from confinement… 4 ½  months in now? It’s becoming of a blur. I am continuing to work on the into the new website. These things take time but we’re on the home stretch now. I’ve decided to redo My interview and I also plan on shooting a new introductory video. If there are any new questions you’d like Me to address- please let Me know and I’ll see if I can include them!     In the meantime, all is (somewhat) well in SoCal (except for hugely increasing rates of Covid). All My travel plans have been canceled so I’m staying put in LA and SD and working on various projects including staying fit. Normally I’d be in NYC doing a photo shoot- here’s a shot from a prior shoot on top of a penthouse in Chelsea! I’m missing the travel and it’s a bit of a challenge to not have the socialization time at the gym. However, in general, I’m banging out pretty decent home workouts and have really been enjoying the restorative effects of sleeping!     Hope you’re all doing well. Check in with Me now and then!     Warmly,          GSevera

  • 1 Quick pic at a custom vid

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 23-06-2020
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    Hello all,       Did you know that I also do custom vids? Here's a shot I did from a custom POV shoot right now. If I think it makes the cut, I'll also make it available on My clips4sale store. This one has to do with a certain detective who gets caught by Me and ends up in My lair awaiting a James Bond-ish type know something to do with a lot of leg scissors. A happy way to go I'd think!     ;) GSevera

  • 2 New Free Section Coming Soon....

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 07-06-2020
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    Hello all,     Hope you're surviving in quarantine unscathed. I know a number of you are out and about now but I'm still limiting My interactions with others and still, (sadly and painfully), have been declining in person meetings.     My webmaster promises that a refreshed, reenergized intro to the website will be coming any day now...but he's been promising that for a couple months. Stay tuned!     In the meantime, stay safe so can meet after a vaccine!

  • 0 New Solo Shots

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 30-05-2020
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    Hello all,     All the gyms that I've been going to in LA and SD have closed (due to Covid), so I've been working out at home. It's not as easy as before, but I'm staying in excellent shape. Have a look at what's coming up this weekend!     :) GS

  • 2 Skyping

    • by Goddess Severa
    • 07-05-2020
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    Hello all,    Well, it has been great being able to touch based with old and new friends via Skye. I find that much of BDSM is in the mental connection and I do feel connected to My playmates despite the distance between us. I recommend giving it a try. :) Severa


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